2 hours (incl. Drinks)
1.100,- EUR
3 hours (incl. Drinks)
1.300,- EUR
4 hours
(incl. Drinks & Snack)
1.500,- EUR
6 hours
(incl. Lunch or Dinner)
1.700,- EUR
12 hours Overnight
from 8 PM
2.300,- EUR
18 hours Overnight
2.800,- EUR
1 day
3.300,- EUR
2 days
5.300,- EUR
additional day
1.500,- EUR

Duo discount with my favorite duo partners: 10%


Minimum booking duration

Frankfurt 2 hours

Stuttgart 4 hours

Nuremberg 4 hours

Munich 6 hours

Cologne/Dusseldorf 6 hours

Berlin 12 hours overnight stay

Hamburg 12 hours overnight stay

Europe 18h overnight stay


Travel expenses

Up to 250km: 0.40/km

If the distance is more than 250km: 1st class train tickets (I have a BahnCard) and taxi costs on site


If a date outside my home town ends after 11 p.m. or if there is no suitable train connection back home, I ask for reimbursement of the costs for my own hotel room.


For longer journeys and flights, the travel costs will be calculated individually.