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Terms and Conditions

Please observe that all self-employed escort ladies are not subject to any wage tax relevant work relationship with the escort agency. All escort ladies are self-employed at all times under the applicable current legislation. The agency only becomes active as a broker between the ordering party (customer) and the contractor (self-employed escort lady) and receives a broker commission from the contractor (self-employed escort lady) deriving from the total sum paid by the ordering party for the brokerage service.

Therefore, the allotted amount for the self-employed escort ladies can merely be accepted under different name and based on the account of a third party on our behalf. Also observe that all mentioned predilections of the self-employed escort ladies were stipulated on behalf of the self-employed escort ladies themselves. As broker we respectively do not exercise any influence here.

Sending a request to our website or expressing a request via incoming telephone call does not mean that an interested party has entered a legally binding contract. The agency firstly checks your request and then sends the request to the respective self-employed escort lady. After replying and accepting the request on behalf of the self-employed escort lady, a contract is granted and confirmed to the ordering party. This confirmation serves as a contract between the ordering party and the respective self-employed escort lady. In this respect the agency only acts as a broker. Application costs are included in the agency commission.
The dispatch of a booking enquiry per online form does not in itself constitute a legal declaration of any relevance. In the first instance an enquiry serves to establish contact. As soon as the enquiry is received by our office, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt sent to the email address supplied by you, or a telephone call to the number you have given.

Please read the individual terms and conditions of every escort lady in the escort profiles.