Dear clients and partners,

the crisis caused by the global spread of the corona virus affects us all. Our health may be at risk and schedules and travel arrangements are under a constant threat of change or cancellation.
Countries are closing their borders or restrict travel and public events. Given this uncertain and volatile environment, we have decided to refrain from arranging meetings for the time being. We will constantly monitor the latest developments in order to act in the best interest of clients, ladies and partners. Lets hope the situation will improve soon.

Best wishes,

PA to FE

The experienced and physically resilient sub probably knows how to tease you and might even long for her corporal punishment. Or she already is a perfectly trained O, overly obedient (but of course far from being perfect) and tries her best to make her master proud of her.
Whatever kind of sub you have in front of you, she is ready to be disciplined – for her misbehavior as a naughty masochist or simply for your pleasure as your well educated O.
You already see your sub stretched over a spanking bench, helpless and eagerly waiting for her treatment? It is about time to follow up your words with action and put your sub in her place. The use of appropriate impact tools and BDSM toys from your sub’s repertoire is welcomed! Stay within your sub’s limits to keep your time in good memory for both of you. This memory may even stay on your sub’s butt for some days.
This experience is reserved only for experienced and technically skilled masters.