Dear clients and partners,

the crisis caused by the global spread of the corona virus affects us all. Our health may be at risk and schedules and travel arrangements are under a constant threat of change or cancellation.
Countries are closing their borders or restrict travel and public events. Given this uncertain and volatile environment, we have decided to refrain from arranging meetings for the time being. We will constantly monitor the latest developments in order to act in the best interest of clients, ladies and partners. Lets hope the situation will improve soon.

Best wishes,

PA to FE

up to 2 hours
1.000,- EUR 1.200,- CHF GBP USD
up to 3 hours
1.200,- EUR 1.440,- CHF GBP USD
Drinks / Snack
up to 4 hours
1.400,- EUR 1.680,- CHF GBP USD
Lunch or Dinner
up to 6 hours
1.600,- EUR 1.920,- CHF GBP USD
Dinner & Overnight
from 8pm (10-12 hours)
2.300,- EUR 2.760,- CHF GBP USD
Dinner & Overnight
(14-18 hours)
2.600,- EUR 3.120,- CHF GBP USD
1 day
2.900,- EUR 3.480,- CHF GBP USD
2 days
4.900,- EUR 5.880,- CHF GBP USD